Standard Field Trips

All grade levels have the choice of five themed self-guided History Hunts; each Hunt focuses on Social Studies and another thematic curricular area.

The individual educational materials are TEKS aligned and customized for each grade level.


Admission is $5 per student and $7 per chaperone.

(1 teacher gets free admission per 10 students)

 English/Language Arts & Social Studies

(English/Language Arts & Social Studies)

What would your life have been like in Victorian Dallas? Well, that depends: who are you? Where do you live? What kind of education do you have? Learn who lived in North Texas at the turn of the century and explore the similarities and differences between these people. Take on the personas of different members of our community and discover what your life would have been like in historic Dallas and what we can learn from the people of the past.

(Mathematics focusing on Economics & Social Studies)Economics & Social Studies

Does where you live change how you live? Explore our Victorian Village and learn all about the people of rural and urban Dallas at the turn of the century. How did you earn money? How was it spent? Did the town and the country need each other? Why? How did the railroad change life in Texas? Explore town and country life in Dallas between 1840 and 1910 and decide which you would prefer, and see how they all work together to form the economy of an area.

(Science & Social Studies)

Explore how people of the past navigated their daily food needs. What plants and animals did they need to survive in North Texas before the railroad could bring things across the country? What foods were used by the different cultures of the Dallas area? Learn how plants and animals helped Texas pioneers prosper and survive. Discover how food connects to culture in Texas and around the United States. Learn about the history of our area through the foods we eat and the plants and animals we raise here in the Village.Science & Social Studies

Art & Social Studies

(Art & Social Studies)

Do you consider the rug you stand on art? What about the blanket you curl up in on the couch? Or the painting and photographs hanging on the wall? Both folk art and fine art can probably be found in your home. Hunt throughout the Village’s homes as we spy and evaluate folk art and fine art and discuss art’s influence on daily life.

(Architecture & Social Studies)Architecture & Social Studies

Dallas Heritage Village is made up of many diverse buildings and homes. Walk around the Village, learn about the unique physical characteristics of these structures and see if you can detect the shapes we know and love within their walls.


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