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While We Were Away…

A few things happened in The Village while we were away in January … The Texas Living History Association decided to grace us with its infinite knowledge on period culture. Various reenacting events and workshops took place throughout the days of January 23rd to the 25th. There was also a Community Roundtable discussion on Dallas/The Cedars related events that commenced on January 28th. We also attended the 16th annual Legacies Conference this being the 16th annual conference, at the Hall of State. This conference discussed everything from the Trinity River to the Kennedy Assassination. The final thing to take place this month, and what I will be focusing on, is the finishing touches put on the ticket office and museum store.

This adorable building is home to our ticket office and museum store. Every guest that comes through our village stops in this building.

Ticket Office 5


The re-vamping of the ticket office and museum store was a project that began last August when guest services manager, Caitlin Hughes, decided that our office and store needed a major overhauling.

Admissions and the store were not always in the same building. I have been told that admissions used to be taken at the MKT Train Depot and the museum store was in an entirely different building. Some of our members and employees remember the store as McCall’s, and that it has moved around a few times from Blum Bros. General Store to Brent Place and now in its current location.

Ticket Office 4

Since its move, the ticket office and store had not been remodeled in quite a long time. Caitlin recalled to me that the interior was much to be desired with its eggshell walls, lovely green shelves, and 1970s style wallpaper border. Caitlin and Racheal Fullerton took on the task of clearing out all of the shelves, scraping the wallpaper border, re-painting all of the walls and cabinets, building new display cases, and staining the floor in August. This was an immense overhauling, but still not entirely complete.

As most of you know, we close The Village during the months of August and January. So, it was January when we decided to finish all of the necessary touches to the ticket office/museum store. The main undertaking was the staining of the display cases, as show below.

Ticket Office 3

We also put together and sanded a few crates, and utilized them as a bookshelf and our pencils and “new” donkey pens display.

Ticket Office 2

There was also a bit of rearranging and hanging of plaques and other objects. After all the effort put forth by Caitlin, Racheal, and myself, we finally get to see Caitlin’s vision come to full fruition, and my, my, how lovely and cozy it is! We want this building to have vintage touches while still putting forth the modern face of our Village. Come check it out for yourself!

Ticket Office 1

This post was written by Guest Services Representative, Amanda Morton.

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