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Where to Eat: Green Door Public House

Where to eat when you are at the Village?

As you may or may not know, we used have a restaurant onsite here at Dallas Heritage Village. Many visitors tell us stories about the amazing food they used to serve in Brent Place; it truly is a beloved memory in the Village’s story. But, with the restaurant long gone, what do visitors do about food? A normal question we get asked is “Where should we eat?”

Our favorite location is right here! Did you know that you can bring in your own food and have a picnic? Why not spread out your favorite foods and gaze out at the Dallas skyline. However, the neighborhoods around the Village are constantly growing with great eateries. The staff love to stop by local places to grab lunch and we can certainly recommend a favorite place or two.

This month our recommendation is Green Door Public House. This particular restaurant has become our home away from home and you can usually find at least one Village staff member there once a week. As a historic bank converted restaurant, it is on the smaller side but, with the weather becoming a little warmer, the large patio is a great place to sit and talk. And did we mention that the Green Door staff is amazing? Well, they are; the service is great.

We have made it easier for you all as we have taste-tested everything on the menu and everything is delicious (seriously!).  The most ordered item by our staff is a tie between the Crispy Chicken Salad and the Cheddar Fries (which is telling in a way). The salad is filling, has a variety of fixings including avocado, bacon, and cheese; and the fried chicken just adds that je ne sais quoi. The cheddar fries are another favorite as they are that decadent treat you need to make a rough day better. Certain staff members swear that these fries with ample cheese, bacon, and ranch for dipping have healing powers.

The more adventurous diners could always try the Baked Avocado (Village approved!) or the Buffalo Cauliflower (if you want to pretend to be healthy). They also offer a wide selection of sandwiches, so you are sure to find something to eat.

Green Door Public House has a great bar and after really rough days a drink plus cheddar fries have turned downtrodden staff in to happy campers. They have a great selection of beer on draft, many of them from local breweries, but we love their mules. The Moscow Mule has become a frequent order for post-work happy hours with our crowd.

The next time you are at Dallas Heritage Village, be sure to swing by Green Door Public House for a meal, they will not disappoint!

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