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Welcome to our new Director of Visitor Experience

Recently, we welcomed Lisa Ramos-Lopez to the Dallas Heritage Village staff as Director of Visitor Experience. She has hit the ground running, as they say. When you see her around the Village--directing field trips, welcoming visitors, coordinating Honorary Candlelighters, etc.--please say hello!  

We talked with Lisa about what brought her to us. Read more below... 

What first got you interested in working in nonprofits? 

DHV will be the second Non Profit Organization I have worked for. I appreciate the efforts the Non Profits make in giving back to the community and individuals through their services. In my observation DHV services a diverse group of people, people who appreciate art, culture and history. They not only teach and share, they listen and care.

How did you first learn about DHV? Why did you want to join our team?  

Many years ago, my children attended a field trip to DHV. As a chaperone I was intrigued to know that a museum doesn’t have to be limited to indoors and behind glass but open and hands on. I wanted to join DHV because I want to see the visitors expressions when they hear the stories and experience sitting in a chair or building their ancestors experienced being in. History has no boundaries, it is very diverse and unique and I find that to be a beautiful thing.

Are there any special projects/programs that you’re especially excited about? 

In my few weeks here I have learned about 3 projects I will be working on. They are all different, they all have me intrigued and I am hoping they will have the guests intrigued too. I must saying working on the education programs  has got me excited! I have a Montessori background and Montessori started in the early 1900’s and contributed to the evolution on how we teach and how kids learn. I look forward to sharing more about Montessori Education in schools and at home.

When you’re not working, what are some of your hobbies and interests? Anything else we should know about you?

I spend all my free time with my 12 year old son Marcos who has been a great help with the many cats in the village. When I am not working I enjoy music, I love all genres and going to live concerts. I am also a season ticket holder for the Dallas Mavericks I spend lots of time watching them play.

My biggest hobby right now is decorating and crafts, because of the holidays. I have table décor for every season!  

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