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This Is Progress?

Images are powerful. I think that is why I have always loved editorial cartoons. The artist can convey in one drawing what it might take an author multiple paragraphs and pages to explain. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I saw a cartoon from the Dallas Morning News published on February 18, 1966. It shows the looming destruction of Millermore. A picture really is worth a thousand words. The country was still in a state of transition in the mid-60s. CitiMillermore Cartoones like Dallas were growing and expanding. This meant that the old and outdated had to make way for the new and updated. This trend was collectively known as progress. However, not all progress is good. In cities large and small across the country progress often arrived on a bulldozer and scraped irreplacable treasures into the dustbin of history. This was certainly the case in Dallas. Thankfully, not all the stories of endangered, irreplaceable buildings end with a cloud of dust and an empty parcel of land. Our very own Millermore was saved because a group of preservation minded citizens banded together and said enouth is enough. They stood in the way of progress, and we are glad they did! Millermore was moved to Dallas Heritage Village where it has been safe from bulldozers for 50 years. Though safe, Millermore still needs preservation minded citizens. The reality is that saving an old stucture is not a one time event. Buildings still have to be maintained. They have to be continually saved and we need everyone to help stop the progress of time. Our beloved Millermore’s interior needs to be painted. How can you help? By following this link and “purchasing” a stairstep, or a window, or a room, or one of the porch columns. Your donations will make sure Millermore is safe from progress for decades to come.

Preston Cooley – Development Manager

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