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The Annual Campaign for the Future

annual campaign

Several important things happen in September each year. Other than the reopening of schools, the start of football season, and the beginning of cooler (ha!) temperatures, that is. It is the Annual Campaign for the Future for Dallas Heritage Village.

Why do we have an annual campaign for support, and why in the world do we have it in September? Taking the second question first: our fiscal year ends on September 30, so this is the month where we close out the books for this year and adopt our budget for the next year. Our fiscal year happens to match that of the City of Dallas, our partner in this museum venture, and it is a hold-over from the days when the vast majority of our funding came from the City.

These days, while we still receive important funding, support, and free utilities from the City of Dallas, we need to raise close to 85% of our annual budget from private sources. As a member and friend (and presumably someone who reads all of our materials) you know that we offer a variety of programs, events, and classes throughout the year, and you hear from us fairly often as we work to underwrite the costs of these activities.

During our Annual Campaign for the Future we ask for your contribution, not for any specific event or program, but just to support the ongoing, every day work that we do. Some people know us only through our special events, but we are here all year, anchoring our historic neighborhood, providing 20+ acres of green space in the middle of the city, preserving over 30 historic structures for future generations, and teaching about Dallas’ past.

We like to think that we add value to the community just by being here. If you agree, please consider supporting us during our annual campaign.

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