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Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed donkey

Published on Saturday, October 18, 2014 By
No equine on earth can wear a hat as well as our own Nip and Tuck. The team’s natural sense of style, physical poise and ability to make love to the camera have driven their successful modeling career. None could argue that they broke new ground in this photo of them modeling their leg warmers. Tyra Banks was rather jealous, and the boys refused to compete on her show as their elevated status was already secure. They are often voted more stylish than Tyra, and we encourage them not to gloat. No fashion model can make it without a great designer to dream up those fabulous couture originals. Nip and Tuck owe their success to Marta Smith, whose haberdashery skills produced the hats for which the boys are so famous. Marta’s latest creations are in a style asso ..

Know a good sheep looking for work?

Published on Friday, June 20, 2014 By
A Post by Evelyn Montgomery: (/images/postimages/dscn0762.jpg) “Our sheep enjoy spacious accommodations and wonderful view of the Dallas skyline.” The flock at Dallas Heritage Village needs a new member. The current ovine (Google it and use it daily until it feels natural) population consists of two chubby Southdowns, Winston and Starbuck, and one aged Rambouillet, MayBelle. They would love to welcome a new, younger sheep to share their home at the farmstead of a nationally accredited museum in the heart of the fashionable Cedars neighborhood. This is an offer no sheep could refuse. The museum would not be able to pay for this new sheep, but would be happy to give you a letter acknowledging your donation to a registered non-profit, which th ..

Kitties Galore

Published on Thursday, July 11, 2013 By
(/images/postimages/072108-003.jpg) Clover and Barney on patrol. Rodents beware! Mother Nature has been busy this year at the village, producing kittens. The spaces beneath our buildings make for appealing feline nurseries, and some expectant mothers have taken advantage of that. We may have as many as 20 cats on site right now. Four are existing barncats, all spayed or neutered, who have lived here for years. The others are newcomers, eager to carry on the tradition of mass reproduction. We have space on our grounds for all 20 cats, and we certainly have jobs for them all. Remember, we have buildings that are often empty of humans, we have barns, and we have animal feed, and that all attracts rodents. Now that we have a family of five vicious hunters living under th ..

Welcome to Winston and Starbucks,err, Starbuck!

Published on Wednesday, May 08, 2013 By
(/images/postimages/sheep1.jpg) Winston and Starbuck make themselves at home. The flock at the DHV farmstead just doubled in size with the arrival of two new sheep. Our existing flock of two Rambouillet sheep, MayBelle and Marvella, couldn’t feel any safety in numbers without more friends. Sheep rarely make use of social networking opportunities, so the human staff searched the hinterlands, looking for compatible, people-oriented sheep interested in museum work. The successful candidates were raised on a bucolic farm in the town of Blue Ridge, in northern Collin County. Their mama is a Baby Doll Southdown, a diminutive breed of sheep. Daddy, however, was a standard, large Southdown, so the boys weigh in at 200 pounds. As Southdowns, they can trace their heritage ba ..

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