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Some new faces at DHV

Published on Thursday, September 12, 2013 By
This summer, we’ve had the pleasure to add some new members to the DHV team. Though we always hate to lose co-workers, there’s something pretty exciting about bringing new people on board. Without further ado, here are two very important new members of our small but mighty staff. Introducing Lisa Simpson, Development Manager (/images/postimages/snfa-dhv1.jpg) Lisa is all about the money, so of course, she would choose the Bank for her snfa-dhv2. As you may recall, our long-time Director of Development, Nancy Farina, died last summer. We wanted to take some time to really think about what skill set could come close to replacing her. Lisa Simpson comes to us from The Sixth Floor Museum, where she was Marketing Coordinator. Several of us on staff here al ..

The Annual Campaign for the Future

Published on Monday, September 09, 2013 By
(/images/postimages/annual-campaign.jpg) Several important things happen in September each year. Other than the reopening of schools, the start of football season, and the beginning of cooler (ha!) temperatures, that is. It is the Annual Campaign for the Future for Dallas Heritage Village. Why do we have an annual campaign for support, and why in the world do we have it in September? Taking the second question first: our fiscal year ends on September 30, so this is the month where we close out the books for this year and adopt our budget for the next year. Our fiscal year happens to match that of the City of Dallas, our partner in this museum venture, and it is a hold-over from the days when the vast majority of our funding came from the City. These days, while we sti ..

Welcome to Winston and Starbucks,err, Starbuck!

Published on Wednesday, May 08, 2013 By
(/images/postimages/sheep1.jpg) Winston and Starbuck make themselves at home. The flock at the DHV farmstead just doubled in size with the arrival of two new sheep. Our existing flock of two Rambouillet sheep, MayBelle and Marvella, couldn’t feel any safety in numbers without more friends. Sheep rarely make use of social networking opportunities, so the human staff searched the hinterlands, looking for compatible, people-oriented sheep interested in museum work. The successful candidates were raised on a bucolic farm in the town of Blue Ridge, in northern Collin County. Their mama is a Baby Doll Southdown, a diminutive breed of sheep. Daddy, however, was a standard, large Southdown, so the boys weigh in at 200 pounds. As Southdowns, they can trace their heritage ba ..

How Does Your Garden Grow? Flax!

Published on Thursday, March 07, 2013 By
This winter we planted one of our large raised bed planters at the Farmstead full of flax. We chose flax for this bed to test the bed and to test the flax. This particular raised bed hadn’t germinated much of anything for the past two seasons, and needed a lot of amendments to get back to productive condition. Flax is a fairly tolerant plant and will grow just about anywhere, and we knew if the flax didn’t germinate in that spot we would have to replace the soil more than we already had. The raised beds also needed something growing so that the soil didn’t wash away and pack down over our off season and flax has nice sturdy deep roots. Finally, we needed to test out golden flax and see how well it grows without much attention. We found that golden flax is just ab ..

What’s Cooking In The Village?

Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 By
Starting in March, the Village will be playing host to a series of monthly cooking classes highlighting traditional foods made from scratch. While we will be cooking in our various historic kitchens, the products and methods you take home will be usable in a modern kitchen as well. As the first part of our Meet the Village People series, I will introduce myself–don’t worry, you’ll meet everyone else in the coming months–so that you will know just who that person in front of the fire is when you arrive at class. When people see me cooking in the historic kitchens at the Village, their first question is usually “How did you learn to do that?” Well, I learned to cook in a historic kitchen while working at another historic village museum, Greenfie ..

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