Remembering Bennett Miller

Published on Friday, May 24, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
Bennett Miller, a great friend to the Cedars neighborhood and Dallas Heritage Village died on May 18 at the age of 84. Bennett’s published obituary headline referred to him as a “Developer Who Pioneered City’s Loft Housing Trend.” This is accurate enough, but hardly does justice to his many accomplishments and the lasting impact he had on all who knew him. I attended his funeral on Monday, heard from the many different people who knew him in their own way and, as the service progressed, enjoyed seeing how the different roles that Bennett played all fit neatly into one package. As sometimes happens at “good” funerals, I realized that there was much about him I had not known, and I went away wishing that I had spent more time with him. I ..

Welcome to Winston and Starbucks,err, Starbuck!

Published on Wednesday, May 08, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
(/images/postimages/sheep1.jpg) Winston and Starbuck make themselves at home. The flock at the DHV farmstead just doubled in size with the arrival of two new sheep. Our existing flock of two Rambouillet sheep, MayBelle and Marvella, couldn’t feel any safety in numbers without more friends. Sheep rarely make use of social networking opportunities, so the human staff searched the hinterlands, looking for compatible, people-oriented sheep interested in museum work. The successful candidates were raised on a bucolic farm in the town of Blue Ridge, in northern Collin County. Their mama is a Baby Doll Southdown, a diminutive breed of sheep. Daddy, however, was a standard, large Southdown, so the boys weigh in at 200 pounds. As Southdowns, they can trace their heritage ba ..

Sanger Wedding Dress Scheduled to Hibernate

Published on Friday, April 26, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
(/images/postimages/pdkillion_mg_33891.jpg) The silk dress worn by Fanny Fechenbach Sanger for her wedding in 1879 will soon leave Browder Springs Hall, where it has been on display since the Cedars Stories exhibit opened March 14. Like a bikini-clad girl falling asleep on the beach, it is in danger of getting too many damaging rays. The light streaming in the Hall’s big windows is harmful to a vintage textile. To be honest, almost everything is harmful to a vintage textile: light, heat, moisture, dryness, dirt, bugs, cleaning, handling, and frequently even the protective tissue paper in which people wrap them. The UV rays in sunlight can weaken the silk fibers over time, and will quickly change the color of the fabric. Darkness is the textile’s friend, and so thi ..

Museum Educator Becomes Detective

Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
Who knew that sometimes a museum educator has to be a detective? Last year, Johna, our Family Programs Manager came to me and said “I really want the museum to be yarn bombed. Can I look into how to make that happen?” My response: “Why not?” For some of you, your first question might have been “What on earth is yarn bombing?” Wikipedia, source of so much knowledge defines it as “a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber rather than paint or chalk.” It’s a rather recent phenomenon, with the earliest recorded yarn bombing in 2004 in the Netherlands. Here in Dallas, one of the earliest projects was at the Lakewood Library, which just happens to be my branch library. I ..

Signs as Art

Published on Friday, March 15, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
Over the last several weeks, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on Browder Springs Hall. The transformation of the Print Shop into Browder Springs Hall (/images/postimages/becoming-browder-springs-hall/)has been slow and steady—we weren’t in a huge rush, so we were able to take our time in making choices and decisions about what this space needed to be as flexible and functional as possible. When this building was the Print Shop, it had a painted sign on its windows. (/images/postimages/pdk_mg_3409c3.jpg) When it came time for the new sign, it took a lot of hunting and research to find a sign painter. It wasn’t really a question of choosing the right vendor—it was a question of finding any vendor. Today, there are a lot fewer sign p ..

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