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Museum-ing in the Rain

As a living history museum, a large portion of our space is outdoors. That means when the lovely Texas weather is unbearably hot or frigidly cold, it is often a challenge to attract visitors. The same goes for rain as most people want to find nice, indoor activities to partake of when it is raining. What most people don’t realize, however, is that you can still enjoy plenty of outdoor activity and our Village no matter what the weather decides to be that day (or that hour here in Texas).

Here is your “How-to” guide on enjoying the Village in the rain:

First, make sure not to think of our facility as entirely outdoors. We have 18 historic buildings that are open during public hours that you may tour and explore, inside! Sure, you need to walk to and from each building but with it raining outside you will be more enticed to take your time inside of each house. This also will allow you to see things you would have otherwise missed and really get to know the buildings, especially since there is no hurry to get to the next one.

Second, this also means that you will get some really great pictures inside of our buildings. Now don’t get us wrong, our buildings are beautiful and there are few things around more picturesque than Millermore or the Dallas skyline behind our Main Street, but sometimes people often miss the beauty inside of the homes. This is a great time to take pictures galore indoors! Like all of the unique and bold wallpaper inside of Sullivan and Blum House.

Third, this also gives you time to stop and talk to the history educators at our various homes. They normally answer questions, give tours, and tell you what life was like back then, but now you really get to see how things like rain were handled. For instance, there is work to be done at the Farmstead every day, how was that managed back then? Were there any shortcuts or did work have to carry on in the same way? Therefore, in the rain you are probably learning a bit more about the past experience than the average visitor and, in a way, you are living it.

Lastly, anyone ever notice how quite and serene everything becomes when it rains? Bring an umbrella and just take in the peacefulness as you walk from house to house (though rain boots or shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty would be helpful as well). Now you can still hear from of the traffic drifting over from I-30 (never one to let you forget that you are in downtown Dallas) but other than that there is a nice quietness hanging over the village that makes it feel as though you have rented the whole place out for yourself!

So if we have more rain in store for us in the future (and if it is anything like this last week, we do) do not let that turn you away from visiting the Village. As you can see, even though we are outdoors we are still a fantastic place to explore and learn in the rain! Plus we even have umbrellas that you can borrow in the Ticket Office!

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