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Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed donkey

No equine on earth can wear a hat as well as our own Nip and Tuck. The team’s natural sense of style, physical poise and ability to make love to the camera have driven their successful modeling career. None could argue that they broke new ground in this photo of them modeling their leg warmers.

Tyra Banks was rather jealous, and the boys refused to compete on her show as their elevated status was already secure. They are often voted more stylish than Tyra, and we encourage them not to gloat.

No fashion model can make it without a great designer to dream up those fabulous couture originals. Nip and Tuck owe their success to Marta Smith, whose haberdashery skills produced the hats for which the boys are so famous. Marta’s latest creations are in a style associated with fancy, flirty wizards, perfect for the upcoming fall season.


She was also responsible for the birthday hats the boys wore to their sweet 16 party,


as well as their starry Fourth of July headgear.


Everybody loves the minimalist Santa style hats the boys wear at each Candlelight, jauntily tilted over one ear.


For one day a year, they are “brother against brother” at Civil War on the Homefront.

Civil War donkeys

Marta is quoted as saying “I am honored to have such talented equines bring my designs to the public. I am not as thrilled when they eat the hats.” True artistes can be so temperamental!

Marta is part of the extended DHV family, because she is the sister of former President/Executive Director Gary Smith. Her friends and relatives warn her not to give up her day job as an attorney, but she is certain that she could have a steadier and more remunerative career as a designer and manufacturer of hats for animals. Her chosen avocation requires more than creativity, as some of her customers are difficult to fit. The donkeys’ proud and expressive ears pose quite a tailoring problem, but nobody understands ear engineering like Marta.

Marta is not only good with equine heads, but cats and dogs as well. If your furry friend is a ferret, that would be a bit of a challenge, but she is up to it. So, if you have a pet in need of accessories, help is available. Each hat is custom made to fit the needs of your little diva. Contact Marta at

We are so grateful to Marta for ensuring that Nip and Tuck are the best dressed donkeys around.

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