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The DHV Family: Sarah Theobald-Hall

Published on Saturday, February 22, 2020 By Aidan Wright
Dallas Heritage Village is more than just the staff, our circle is much wider than that. We are starting a blog post series about the whole DHV family so you can get to know all the people that are a part of what we do here... Guest post by Peggy Helmick-Richardson, History Host and our textile expert Last April, Dallas Heritage Village opened its doors to the arts in a whole new way. Three rooms in Brent Place were converted to studio spaces for local artists who found themselves displaced when the Continental Gin Building sold. Today we offer the first of three articles on our resident artists. Intrigued by a dead cedar waxwing lying by the holly bushes in her yard, Sarah Theobald-Hall snapped a photo of it. Today, she credits the striking ima ..

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