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Old Fashioned Fun: Junior Historian turned Entrepreneur

Published on Friday, February 27, 2015 By
(/images/postimages/sophia-picture-1b.jpg) This summer we featured Barbara Brockett, the talented manufacturer of the clothespin dolls sold in our museum store. The dolls are always a huge hit with all of our visitors, however she is not the only Village-related provider of handmade items. We, of course, have our blacksmith as well, but you may not realize that the craft kits sold in our store are made by Sophia Radke. Who is Sophia Radke you might ask? She is a high school student and part of our Junior Historian program, and the owner of her own small business, Old Fashioned Fun. Sophia first got the idea for her business four years ago (when she was only in the 6th grade) when her homeschool group hosted an entrepreneurial fair. Determined to take part in the one night ..

A reason to celebrate

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015 By
On January 19, 1966, a group of women met and organized the Dallas County Heritage Society to save Millermore, the largest remaining antebellum home in Dallas County. Though formed to save just one remarkable house, this group went on to save, move and restore almost 30 historic structures at City Park, creating the museum you know today as Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. (/images/postimages/02-16-1972-photo-by-lee-langum.jpg) From the Millermore front porch, February 16, 1972 As historians, we’re pretty good at remembering important dates (though it would have been much more clever if I had posted this entry two days ago, on the 49th anniversary of DCHS getting the restraining order to stop the demolition of Millermore), but we don’t always tal ..

While We Were Away…

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015 By
A few things happened in The Village while we were away in January … The Texas Living History Association decided to grace us with its infinite knowledge on period culture. Various reenacting events and workshops took place throughout the days of January 23rd to the 25th. There was also a Community Roundtable discussion on Dallas/The Cedars related events that commenced on January 28th. We also attended the 16th annual Legacies Conference this being the 16th annual conference, at the Hall of State. This conference discussed everything from the Trinity River to the Kennedy Assassination. The final thing to take place this month, and what I will be focusing on, is the finishing touches put on the ticket office and museum store. This adorable building is home to our ticket ..

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