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Candlelight Advice from the Candlelight Experts

Published on Friday, December 05, 2014 By
(/images/postimages/jlehman-candlelight.jpg) Candlelight is a Dallas Heritage Village tradition that has been around for numerous years. However, some of you might find yourself in my position, of being a recent transplant and having never attended Candlelight before. So you may be thinking, “What is this Candlelight? How does it work? What should I be prepared for?” Seeing as how I cannot answer that, I turned to the Dallas Heritage Village staff, who are Candlelight veterans. They have imparted their wisdom and advice for us first time “Candlelighters.” Helen Muncaster, our Director of Sales, importantly suggests that you purchase discounted tickets in advanced instead of having to wait in line at the door. It saves you some money and allows you m ..

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